A Cozy Winter Engagement Shoot in Amsterdam

        Kirsty & Andrew’s Winter Engagement Session in Amsterdam

        Wandering Slowly Through Amsterdam…..

        Amsterdam is a beautiful city for a romantic engagement session with it’s canals and bridges and distinctive architecture. It’s so beautiful in fact that Kirsty and Andrew chose to travel all the way from Scotland to join me in Amsterdam for their winter engagement session. And if they could travel all that way I certainly wasn’t going to let a small problem like being on crutches interfere with our arrangements! A minor accident earlier in the year had left me with a dislocated knee, I’d hoped to be fully fit by the time Kirsty and Andrew came over to Amsterdam but unfortunately I still needed the crutches to get around. There’s no rest for a photographer so I called on a trusty friend for bag carrying and crutch holding duties!

        I took Kirsty and Andrew on a (much slower than usual) walking tour of some of my favourite locations, starting at the Skinny Bridge and ending in the seven bridges area. I’ve spent a lot of time in Amsterdam so I’m familiar with the places that are really picturesque but are off the usual tourist routes. These quieter spots are perfect for an Amsterdam winter engagement session, I always think there’s something very romantic about getting wrapped up in cosy scarves and jumpers and wandering the streets of a new city. They say every cloud has a silver lining and the advantage of hobbling slowly along on crutches was getting to spend extra time together, I felt like I knew Kirsty and Andrew so much better by the time we parted company.

        I’m bursting with excitement at the thought of travelling to Scotland for Kirsty and Andrew’s wedding in the summer. I’ll be heading to the village of Kinlochard to photograph the wedding celebrations and then I’m planning to take some time out to relax and explore the Trossachs. Without the crutches this time!

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