Villa Montefiano Italy Wedding – Rolling Hills in the Tuscan Countryside

        Eliza & Ash’s Golden Tuscan Wedding

        Villa Montefiano Italy Wedding

        Tuscany has always been right up there at the top of my list of dream locations to photograph a wedding so I was overjoyed when Eliza got in touch to tell me all about their Tuscan wedding plans and to ask if I would be their photographer. Eliza and I worked together many years ago in a digital agency so I was not only looking forward to seeing Tuscany but also catching up with old friends at the wedding.

        I headed out a couple of days earlier so that I could explore, adapt to the weather and eat plenty pasta and ice cream (extra carbs are essential to keep up the wedding day energy, that’s my excuse anyway!).  The weather certainly took a little adapting to, it was crazy hot and I was glad I’d packed my floppy straw hat, it might have looked a little a silly but helped keep me a little cooler. As did Aperol Spritz, a refreshingly light cocktail that I rediscovered while catching up with friends before the wedding.

        We decided to make the most of such a beautiful location with an early morning pre wedding shoot. Even though it was early it was still hot but the scenery was amazing with views over Tuscan valleys and the city of Florence in the distance.

        I will share more of these in a separate blog but here is a little preview :)

        Florence Wedding Photography, couple cuddling

        The day of the wedding dawned, I arrived early at the venue and instantly fell in love with it. The elevated location meant that the views were stunning, you could literally see for miles across the Tuscan countryside. And it was so quiet and relaxing, the only sounds to be heard were the cicadas and the birds.

        Eliza had her mum, sisters and closest friends with her for the preparations. One of her bridesmaids was Georgie whose wedding to Jamie I had previously photographed so it was lovely to have a chance to catch up with the two of them.

        The setting for the ceremony was an absolute dream, an olive tree arbour framed the couple and those breath-taking views provided the perfect backdrop. Eliza wore a simple but elegant dress and looked amazing. After the ceremony the guests threw confetti of rice and olive leaves. As a photographer I love rice confetti, it looks great in the photos but  I’m not so sure couples love it quite as much, it always looks a little painful!

        Afterwards everyone sought out a little shade to get a break from the heat, the guests enjoyed Italian cocktails while I sought out a shaded area in the grounds for the family portraits and some romantic portraits with Eliza and Ash. With all the rustic features, terraces, arched doorways and whitewashed walls it really is a photographer’s dream venue. I could have carried on shooting forever but the wedding breakfast wasn’t to be missed with the traditional Italian feast served at a beautifully decorated long table on the terrace. After all the delicious food there was the most wonderful traditional Italian cake, Eliza and Ash had to help make it by adding layers. It tasted delicious and I still regret not sneaking back for a second piece!

        The golden hour arrived and the temperatures had dropped slightly so I stole Eliza and Ash and sneaked away for some portraits. The golden hour in Italy is not to be missed, the light really is something special, and Eliza and Ash are a dream to photograph. There’s a chemistry between them that shines through in the photos and they so relaxed and natural in front of the camera.

        The day ended with a fun party, a great band and lots of dancing. I was sad to have to leave Italy but cheered up by the thought that I would be back a month later for my next Italian wedding adventure.


        If you are planning a Villa Montefiano Italy Wedding please do get in touch to enquire about my destination packages. I love to travel and know the venue and surrounding areas well.

        Wedding Planner / Nadia @ Weddingsinitaly 




        This is so good Louise:)

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        Stunning work Louise! I love the shot of the couple through the doorway