The Importance of the Print

        Queensberry Photobox
        Queensberry Photobox

        In a world with an overabundance of images, it can be easy to forget why we take so many photos. Capturing the moment is just the first step; the true meaning lies in preserving the memory. These parts of our life aren’t just for us to remember – they’re also for generations to come, so that they will be able to connect with us when we’re no longer around.

        People don’t always grasp the importance of having an actual photo album. Why have it printed when you can get a digital copy, right? Personally, I feel that images on a screen, no matter how beautiful, just don’t trigger the same emotion as holding the print in your hands. It’s easy to flip through a Facebook album now, but what about in the future? When you finally take more time away from your laptop and are happy to unplug on the weekends, how will you access your photos?

        Take a look at, a website dedicated to showing what people would take from their house if there were a fire. This is such an interesting site, especially when you compare everyone’s most prized belongings. Most people choose to take a camera or photographs with them, highlighting how important photography is to so many of us.

        As much as I love tangible photos, I’m certainly guilty of not always printing my own images. I take hundreds of personal photos, but most of them remain on my computer. Right now, I’m in the process of designing photo albums and seeking out the best printers for the job. I only have four albums printed at the moment and I want many more!

        Each of my photography packages comes with a set of prints as well as the option of two different types of albums, depending on your style. 


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        Fine Art Album
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        Queensberry Duo and parent albums
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        Personal travel albums and loose mini squares ordered from My Social Print Studio.


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