South Lodge Hotel Wedding – Tim & Yvonne

        South Lodge Hotel Winter Wedding

        South Lodge Hotel, Horsham, West Sussex

        Tim and Yvonne met twelve years ago at the University bar after closing time. After ten years together, they purchased their first home in 2013. The house needed quite a bit of work and they spent most of that summer sanding, painting, cleaning and what have you. After a long morning of painting, Yvonne was standing in the kitchen cleaning out some brushes when Tim asked if she was ready for lunch. In the next breath he asked her to marry him. She turned around and there he was holding a ring! Quite unexpected indeed!

        The couples love of books and 40’s and 50’s Hollywood movies led them to a glamorous and vintage winter wedding. One of the things I loved about photographing this couple was the contrast in seasons within their images. Their engagement session was held in the summer and the wedding was in winter close to Christmas. The wedding was a reflection of not only glamour, but the cold crisp winter air and holiday season. The colors were navy, silver and white with tons of candles. Their dream was to have a skiing honeymoon, so the winter wedding was a perfect choice.

        Preparations at South Lodge Hotel

        At the South Lodge Hotel Yvonne was transformed into a glamorous vintage beauty. She had decided on a variety of whites for her flowers – blooms of roses, lisianthks and gypsophila artfully arranged by her friend Lizzy. To make most of the the light on the shortest day of the year, the portraits and formals were taken before the ceremony.

        St Peters Church Ceremony

        The service itself was simple and sweet. We headed back to the hotel right after, where we were able to make the most of a deep rich winter sunset. What amazing reds, oranges and golds lit up the sky that day!

        South Lodge Hotel Wedding Reception

        Back at South Lodge it was time to eat, drink and be merry. And this group really knew how to merry it up! Being so close to Christmas there was an abundance of holiday songs being played. Yvonne provided santa hats for each guest and with each Christmas song the hats were on! Reckless abandon might be the words I would describe of Yvonne on the dance floor. Dance as if no one is looking bride! Super fantastic and fun group!

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        If you are planning a South Lodge Hotel Wedding I would love to hear about your plans. Please do get in touch if you are in need of a wedding photographer.

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