Romantic Portraits in the Snow – Silviya & Jasper

        Romantic Portraits in the Snow

        Amsterdam Portrait Photographer

        There’s something rather romantic about the idea of photographing couples in the snow, or at least there is when you come from a country that doesn’t have a great deal! Unfortunately the reality of snow isn’t always quite as wonderful as the romantic idea I hold in my mind, mostly it disappears almost as quickly as it arrives and on the rare occasions it does hang around there isn’t time to arrange a portrait session and I’ll end up walking with my camera instead. I’ll never forget the winter I lived near Richmond Park and a heavy snow fall meant that work was cancelled for day. I decided to walk the full loop of the park not anticipating how difficult it would be to walk around nine miles in snow. Half way around my legs were so cold and painful but I had to keep going or I would have probably turned into an icicle, I was so relieved to finally arrive home and warm up!

        On my way back one evening from a wedding in Breda it really started to snow hard (I was hoping it would fall during the day for a snow wedding but no joy) I didn’t think much would come of it but when I woke up the following morning it was still falling and actually settling. I have always wanted to photograph Amsterdam in the snow, so it was my mission that morning to find some willing subjects. Fortunately my good friend Silviya (another photographer) and her husband were already in town and agreed to freeze with me in the snow! Getting into Amsterdam was a little tricky, I’m not accustomed to the Dutch life enough that I felt brave enough to cycle through thick snow so I caught the tram into town. Unfortunately the tram broke down so I ended up with another trek through the snow and worrying that the light would disappear fast and we would miss all the fun.

        But all that effort was worth it, the familiar sights of Amsterdam were magically transformed under a layer of snow and it just kept on falling. Of course it was cold but we all got to warm up in a lovely little café afterwards with a hot chocolate, the final results were worth it and every bit as romantic as I’d hoped.

        Thank you so much guys for braving the cold with me :)


        If you are planning on visiting the beautiful city of Amsterdam on your travels and are looking for a portrait photographer please get in touch here and say hi.

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        5th March 2018



        Beautiful portraits and overall vibe. I just love the snow in the shoot, makes the photos look magical!

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        Awesome set of images, how lovely does Amsterdam look with snow :-)

          O wow! so beautiful and no gloves – they were brave!

            Lots of beautiful moments and a gorgeous setting. Love your work!

              I love those soft snow flakes falling all around them. What a gorgeous intimate feel you’ve created. Absolutely lovely ❤

                Beautiful Images Louise

                  Lovely images, really good use of the tungsten light mixed with the evening light, makes them feel warm even in the snow

                    So romantic! The couple are great together, but the snowfall and the warmth of the street lights take the pictures to another level!

                      Wow … a chilly one but well worth braving! Really gorgeous images.

                        These are stunning Louise! Absolutely love them :)

                          Amazing set of images, great that you were able to make the most of the snow. Very romantic!

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