Nyenrode & Restaurant Zuiver – Menno & Renate

        Nyenrode bruiloft

        Nyenrode Wedding Photography

        The Netherlands

        Menno and Renate’s wedding was my first Dutch wedding of the year, and I was blown away with the choice of venue for their ceremony and reception. Nyenrode University was where they both studied and met so it was very special to have all their family and friends around them in a place that meant so much.

        We started the day with morning preparations at both Menno and Renate’s house in Utrecht. Menno was getting ready five doors down at a friend’s house, so it was great to be able to pop between the two houses.

        Menno saw Renate before the ceremony; it was a wonderful moment to see Menno and his groomsmen walk towards his house with all the girls waiting in anticipation. We all had a relaxed lunch at their house before making our way over to Nyenrode for the ceremony.

        After the reception Menno and Renate’s closest family and friends joined them for dinner at Restaurant Zuiver later to be joined by the rest of the guests for the party.

        Most of the weddings I photograph almost bring me to tears, I get to know my couples so well and I am made to feel very welcome on the day, you can’t help but feel all the emotion. At Menno and Renate’s it was when Menno’s mother read his fathers speech, even though I couldn’t fully understand everything read (due to my lack of Dutch) the expressions and love from their family, and friends were evident. It was such a special moment on what I am sure was a very emotional day.

        A huge thank you for choosing me to capture your special day xx

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