My Approach

        Bringing together all these elements...

        I love everything about a wedding day, from the smallest details of the location to the most special moments of the day. The look on a proud parent's face as they see their child for the first time dressed in their wedding attire, the tension building up to the ceremony, through to the elderly aunt who amazes everyone when she takes to the dance floor.

        My photographic style is clean and fresh, it’s creative but at the same time, it’s classic and won’t date. My unobtrusive approach to documenting your day allows me to capture all those spontaneous moments, the laughter, the love and the tears of happiness. I’ll also take you away for some quiet time together while I craft some beautiful and romantic portraits.

        As the evening arrives I’ll be ready to throw myself into the thick of the action on the dance floor. With my camera in hand, I’ll be capturing your family and friends as they let their hair down and enjoy themselves.

        When your celebrations are over I’ll be hard at work, selecting the best images of your day and individually editing each one so that you will have a beautiful collection of images for your photo box or album.

        I want to capture your whole story

        From your morning preparations until well into the party action and all the moments in-between!

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