Wedding Suppliers I’ve Loved Working With

        Planning your wedding is such an exciting time but it can also feel a little overwhelming. There are so many different suppliers that you need to find to make your day perfect and it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you.

        If you have friends or family that have recently married asking for their recommendations is a great place to start. I also hope that I can help a little by sharing the details of suppliers that I’ve worked with, and been impressed by, in my years of shooting weddings. I’ve listed a few for each part of the day, all of them I’ve found to be lovely people that provided a great service.

        Tattie Rose

        Tattie Rose creates the most amazing wild displays inspired by the changing seasons, it’s impossible not to fall in love with their arrangements. I have seen them use oak, blackberries and many other elements you wouldn’t expect to see used in at weddings and they have always looked fantastic.

        I have been fortunate to work with Tattie Rose and her and her team several times now, here are just a few of the weddings where she has created stunning floral designs:

        Sophie & Jamie

        Lou Lou & Ted

        Tom & Gee

        Website – Tattie Rose Flowers



        Amamini Flowers

        Elisabeth of Amamini Flowers is a floral designer who works with the seasonal flowers to create wedding bouquets and arrangements that are beautiful and romantic with a hint of luxury.

        Website  – Amamini Flowers

        Juliet Glaves

        Juliet is another talented floral wedding designer whose use of colour I adore. Her floral arrangements are vibrant and pack a colourful punch!

        You can view her flowers here at Katherine and Axel’s wedding.

        Website – Juliet Glaves 

        Mel Kinsman

        Based in London, Mel is lovely chatty make-up artist and helps brides feel at ease during the preparations. She created a fantastic vintage make up look for one of my brides and was a pleasure to work with.

        Victoria & Chris

        Website – Mel Kinsman

        Kerrie Langfield

        Kerrie is a British hair and make-up artist who has relocated to France. I have worked with Kerrie several times in France and she is totally lovely, a very calm presence during the preparations and helpful when brides are getting into their dresses. She has even helped to sew a bride into a dress after the zip broke!

        Jasmin & Alex

        Rachel & KY

        Website – French Wedding Hair and Makeup

        Jam Deluxe

        Jaysam and Michael have a fantastic attention to detail and work really well as a team. I’ve  worked with them both at a wedding and also on a London engagement shoot in the rain. They were an absolute pleasure to work with, paying close attention to touch ups despite the rainy weather and numerous outfit changes.

        Jenna & Ed

        Website – Jam Deluxe

        Minty Slippers

        When I’ve worked with the team of Minty Slippers I’ve loved their relaxed approach and the way they are mindful of the photographer. They produce wonderful, down to earth, storytelling films of wedding days.

        Website – Minty Slippers

        Reel Weddings

        Andrea and Aaron are a husband and wife wedding videographer team. They tell the story of a wedding through beautiful cinematography with gorgeous colour grading and a very polished, high end feel.

        Website – Reel Weddings

        Skinny Boy Films

        Kate and Steve of Skinny Boy Films have a really discreet an unobtrusive approach. As an ex video editor myself I am always aware of strong editing and storytelling and Skinny Boy Films do it so well!

        Website – Skinny Boy Films

        Malarkey Cakes

        Katie’s creative wedding cakes are inspired by architecture and make a bold statement. I recently met her at a wedding suppliers retreat and was inspired by her approach.

        I also interviewed her about her process and inspiration you can find out what she said here.

        Website – Malarkey Cakes

        Neivie Pie Cakes

        Natasha of Nevie Pie Cakes specializes in beautiful hand painted cakes.  I love the delicate appearance of her cakes and the attention to detail, each one really is an edible work of art!

        Website – Neivie Pie Cakes

        Maid of Gingerbread

        Emily describes herself as a “gingerbread engineer” and creates unique and fun wedding centerpieces to reflect the bride & groom’s personalities. They really are statement pieces and I know from experience that her gingerbread tastes every bit as good as it looks!

        Website – Maid of Gingerbread

        Kalm Kitchen

        Jen and the team at Kalm Kitchen are a delight to work with and their presentation is second to none. Their creative use of everyday objects as props for canapés is fantastic, they can transform the ordinary into something quite magical that is a delight to photograph as well as eat.

        Ashleigh & Justin

        Website – Kalm Kitchen

        Rocket Food

        Rocket Food is a family run boutique catering company and I had the pleasure of photographing their director’s wedding. I can honestly say that every canapé I tasted was amazing. The wedding breakfast was tapas themed with Vietnamese spring rolls, lobster and lots of other colourful creations floating by for most of the reception. Delicious!

        Bella & Charlie

        Website – Rocket Food


        I experienced the food by Aperyer first hand when I was invited to sit with the guests at one of my weddings. Not only did it taste amazing but the presentation was also fantastic. In the evening they had the most amazing pulled pork sandwiches with crackling. It really was amongst the best wedding food I have tasted.

        Website – Aperyer

        The Earth Lights

        It’s often the case at weddings that I don’t remember much about the bands, it’s not a reflection of the entertainment but I’m so engrossed in capturing the action on the dancefloor that I don’t always absorb the music. Earth Lights Boogie are completely unforgettable though, their performance is so full of energy and their voices are flawless. They get into the middle of the action on the dancefloor and even have a rapper. Spencer, the front man, has the most amazing hair too

        Kristina & Will

        Website – The Earth Lights

        The Low Riders

        The Low Riders are a funk and soul band and are perfect if you want your party to be lively and the dance floor to be full all evening!

        Website – The Low Riders

        Soul Beat

        Soul Beat are another band that is bursting with energy and you can’t help but want to dance when they are playing, I’ll even confess to having a little dance with my camera. These guys kept the dance floor packed and everyone happy for the whole of the party.

        Website – Soul Beat

        Love Struck Weddings

        Rachael of Love Struck Weddings is not only lovely to work with but she also has amazing attention to detail making sure that nothing gets overlooked. I had the pleasure of working with her for a wedding at Cold Harbour Barn in Oxford and the décor and details were just perfect

        Sophie & Charlie

        Website – Love Struck Weddings

        Lamare London

        Lamare London specialize in wedding planning services for luxury weddings. Liesl is lovely to work with and produces stunning and unforgettable events of the highest possible standards.

        Website – Lamare London

        Queensberry Productions

        I first worked with Chloe when she was part of the team of one of the most luxurious event planners in London. She was amazing to work with, the wedding itself ran like a dream and had the most stunning décor. Chloe has since moved on and established her own event planning company.  Her connections and knowledge as a planner is outstanding.

        Website – Queensberry Productions


        If you have any questions about these amazing wedding suppliers please do get in touch.