Destination Wedding Kraków – Alan & Ewa

        Destination Wedding in Kraków Poland

        Alan and Ewa’s wedding at Hotel Pod Roza Kraków

        Alan and Ewa have such a romantic and sweet story. I actually worked for Alan when he first met Ewa all those years ago. He was my fun, hardworking and enthusiastic boss. Alan is known for his rocket ship levels of energy –  very challenging to match. His sunny attitude was contagious, which I’m pretty sure Ewa caught straight away. When they hired me for their wedding, I was thrilled! I had photographed Alan’s brothers, wedding a few years’ prior and was excited to capture another family member.

        When I was still working with Alan at Uber Digital, I recalled his first time meeting Ewa. She worked at the Pret across from our office. They saw each other frequently and chatted when he picked up his morning (or afternoon for that matter) coffee. Upon returning from one of many trips to the U.S., Ewa had noticed his absence and inquired about his trip. He was caught off guard that this beautiful woman had keenly noticed his absence. He absolutely had to ask her out for a drink at Shoreditch House (one of his favourite places in London) but only “as friends”. They spent the entire night chatting and realized right away that they had lots in common. A serious connection had been made!

        In 2014, during a trip to Hong Kong, Alan proposed by the Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island. The moment couldn’t have been more perfect and romantic. Just a short nine months later they were wed.

        Alan and Ewa decided to marry in the historical city of Krakow, Poland. They both fell in love with the area and decided to have the ceremony at Dworek Bia?opr?dnicki 20 minutes from the centre. Led down the aisle by her bother Kamil, Ewa positively glowed and her classic red lips made her beautiful skin look radiant. Keeping with the classic feel, the flowers were red and white roses, clean and simple. Both had prepared their own intimate and thoughtful vows and spoke with such love and devotion. Alan’s daughter Amber was a bridesmaid and performed a beautiful piano recital before everyone sat for their meal. Aiden, Alan’s son made the most handsome of page boys. In addition to the traditional ceremony, they held a tea ceremony as well to honor Alan’s heritage. Conducted by Alan’s proud parents, it was a wonderful addition to the festivities of the day.

        Alan and Ewa had spent quite a bit of time choreographing their first dance in their hotel room. As “Can’t Help Falling in Love” flooded the hall, they were looking sweetly into each others eyes. The party was really amazing. The Polish really know how to throw a party! All types of fun games were played, they drank vodka and smashed glasses. Everyone was laughing and having such a wonderful time! The two were quite relaxed for most of the day, with one exception. A few times I had to remind Alan to stop directing himself in for certain shots – it is hard for a director to stop working sometimes!

        The one word of advice that Alan and Ewa would like to give other couples is, enjoy the day and don’t stress! The day passes so quickly and it is so important to savor each and every moment.

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