Cullender’s Delicatessen Wedding – Alan & Rebecca

        Cullender’s Delicatessen Wedding – Reigate

        Featuring relaxed laid back village charm, set in the heart of Reigate

        Rebecca and Alan met while working at Canon. After many years of being in the same company, working together and such – it was not until Rebecca decided to leave the company, that Alan finally asked her to join him for a drink. It seemed as if the fear of losing the chance to get to know Rebecca had finally sunk in and gave him the courage to ask.  As one could have gathered, Rebecca agreed and as she finished out her tenure with Canon, they began quite the romance. During those final lunches, the two would venture to a pretty little village of Reigate nearby, strolling by a green and medieval church, discussing hopes and dreams of the future. Two short years later, Alan surprised Rebecca by getting down on one knee in that same little village and asked for her hand in marriage. Rebecca emphatically said “Yes” and they walked the grounds, reminiscing on how their relationship had evolved and what was to come.

        The couple decided that they wanted to skip most of the formality and focus on simply getting married. Small and quaint was the approach to the day from dress to reception. Rebecca was not traditionally a dress person and dreaded the search – she would have gladly waltzed down the aisle in a well put together pant suit rather than anything formal or fancy. Her fears were eased, when she discovered an unfussy and elegant “Mikaella” dress by Paloma Blanca – complete with a veil that made her unexpectedly feel like a bride. They also chose to make the ceremony as uncomplicated as possible – the registry office was the perfect way to achieve this no nonsense approach. This was one of my favorite characteristics of this couple – they simply wanted to be married! They skipped the cake, the favours, the flowers were toned down and only the closest of friends and family were in attendance.

        It was no surprise that Rebecca and Alan chose Cullenders, a local eatery as the location for the reception. No decorations were needed, as the delicatessen is housed from floor to ceiling with jars full of pasta, preserves, oils and treats. A chalkboard welcomed their guests and the day was complete with a pop up meal, several wine pairings and makeshift dance floor was created by clearing some tables and playing music. The day was so much more about the celebration than anything else.

        So what were the moments that Alan and Rebecca loved the most? The moment Alan saw Rebecca proved to be quite a rush and as he put, an “indescribable and incredible feeling”. Rebecca loved the time with her girlfriends, getting ready and coming down the stairs to see her dad. They both loved walking out to Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” and waiting for all their guests to arrive at the reception venue. Despite being one of the biggest moments of their lives, their advice to others would be – do not let the day be about material things. Let the experience be about your love and those you cherish.

        Catering company – Salted Events / Wine – The Vineking / Hair – Charlie Brown Hairdressers in Reigate / Wedding Dress – Helena Fortley Bridal Boutique / Wedding Ceremony – Leatherhead registry Office


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        Beautiful – I love they ceremony photos – everyone looks so happy! You captured the vibe of the day perfectly

          Thank you Albert, was a really great wedding to capture.

            Love the processing nice and clean!

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                    Very good job, awesom powerful photos! love ti

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