Church Wedding Photography

        In recent years there has been a great increase in the variety of locations available for a wedding but despite this traditional church weddings still remain very popular. I’ve photographed weddings in some beautiful historic churches with gorgeous stained glass windows and old stone walls. Churches are wonderful venues and often either the bride or groom will have some spiritual or emotional connection to their chosen church which can make the ceremony incredibly special.

        Photography wise there are some special considerations to be made for church weddings. Each church will have it’s own rules regarding photography, it’s important to be aware of these so I always ask my couples to check on any restrictions beforehand. Some churches don’t allow any photography during the ceremony, some officiants will have specific places they prefer a photographer to stand in and others don’t mind as long as the photographer is discreet. It’s worth considering having a second shooter for a church wedding to capture the different angles.

        When it comes to décor it’s also important to check with the church administrators before you start planning, there may be some restrictions you need to take into account. On the plus side, most church interiors tend to be quite neutral so most styles and colour schemes will blend beautifully. There’s nothing I love more than a stunning flower arch at the entrance to a church, they look amazing in portraits but it’s important to have a backup location too. If it’s a bright sunny day you don’t want to be squinting into the sun on your photographs but there’s usually a lovely shady area to be found.

        Churches can also provide an attractive alternative for indoor portraits and group shots if the weather is bad. And I love a confetti shot against the backdrop of a church, again it’s important to check whether the church has any guidance on where this can take place but I always find these images are full of fun and laughter and can be among my favourites from the wedding day.

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        These three images show the kind of imagery you can expect from having a second shooter present during your ceremony. I was able to capture two different scenes from my position at the front, a close-up and a wider image to show more of the setting and beautiful flowers by Rebel Rebel. My, second shooter, Emmie was able to capture a wider scene from the back of the church, and also capture the grooms face as I was not able to do that from my viewpoint without moving and disrupting this special moment.



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