An Interview with Katie from Malarkey Cakes

        Q&A With Katie from Malarkey Cakes

        I had the pleasure of meeting Katie from Malarkey Cakes at a recent wedding suppliers retreat in the Somerset countryside. We also had the opportunity of working together on a styled shoot which was great fun and insightful. Katies cakes are bold and beautiful and more importantly delicious. I couldn’t resist asking her some questions about the process and understanding more when it comes to choosing a cake designer for your wedding day.


        Katie from Malarkey Cakes

        How did Malarkey Cakes get started?

        When I got engaged I decided I wanted our wedding to be a DIY wedding. I firmly believe that getting married doesn’t have to cost ridiculous amounts.. So I decided I would make our cake. My mum told me I was mad, Daniel (my now husband) told me not to. I did loads of cake courses and just fell in love with it. I ended up making a whole dessert table for our wedding!

        Where are you based?

        I am based in Tottenham, North London

        Do you have a best selling cake?

        The most popular cake of last year was a cake with marbling and metallic details and lots of variations of it in different shapes and sizes.

        Do you have a cake that is unique to your brand?

        The cake which best sums up my brand is a square geometric wafer paper cake, which is inspired by modern architecture.

        What is the most popular filling?

        I try to promote fun and unusual flavours and fillings for my cakes. There are no rules so any cake can have any filling- why not! The most popular filling of last year was doce de leite (caramel).

        What’s your favourite sweet treat?

        My favourite sweet treat is super dark chocolate. I make a dark chocolate cake and I can resist most sweet things I make, but that’s the one thing I cant stop eating!

        Can you describe your style and what inspires your designs?

        My cakes are inspired by everything around me, but mostly by art, design, architecture, graphic design, travel, doorways, found objects- anything!

        What can couples expect from a tasting session and is there an average cost?

        I offer couples a cake experience where they can think about exactly what kind of cake they want, which fillings to pair with which sponge and what drinks they might like to have with the cake. There is also a chance to talk about the details of the cake so that I can then design their cake for them.  I love chatting to couples about their exciting plans for their big day. All the cakes I make are bespoke so there is no average cost. They really vary.

        What is your most frequently asked question when I potential client contacts you for a wedding cake?

        How much will it cost? This is a tricky one to answer as there are so many things to consider for the cost. Until I have more information about what they want, I have to give them a guestimate.

        On average how many days do you spend designing, baking, and decorating?

        On average a three tier wedding cake with a few small details can take four or five days to make. This includes the whole process from start to finish; emailing, designing, consultation, planning, sourcing ingredients, baking decorating and delivering.

        katie from Malarkey Cakes assembling a wedding cake

        Have you noticed any trends for 2018?

        There is a definite trend for metallics, which is still going strong from 2017. I’m really into looking ahead at fashion for the coming seasons. There is a lot of iridescent and neon around at the moment which I am really excited about!

        Do you ever help couples with positioning the cake in the venue and give lighting advice so it’s viewed a certain way?

        I always advise couples on where the cake should go to get good photos. Many venues provide a cake table but I try to think outside the box and ensure the cake will look as good as it possibly can. If couples request it, I can provide a cake table that will fit their theme and I can make or source cake stands as part of the package, which go with the overall theme of the cake.

        How do you deliver the cake to the venue?

        I always deliver cakes to venues myself, by car.

        If I am having a wedding of 100 guests what size cake will I need?

        This depends on whether youd like to have dessert portions of cake or smaller, finger portions. At many more traditional weddings the cake is served after dinner when everyone is already full, so I am encouraging more couples to have their cake as a dessert after their main meal, or as part of a buffet. For 100 guests, you’d typically need a three tier cake, but you could go for four or five taller, thinner tiers to add some height. There are no rules!

        You can find Malarkey Cakes website here. 

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