Surrey and Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Hey, I’m Louise; a Surrey Wedding Photographer based close to London and in easy reach of the surrounding counties, it’s been nearly ten years since I began photographing weddings professionally and I still find myself just as charmed with the experience as when I began.

Photographs have the ability to let the most important memories rush back to us. From the smell and textures of a place, to the people that were with us and the reason that brought everyone together to celebrate. I love being around others on a day where friends and family come together to celebrate love and their connection.

Being responsible for documenting and curating that story to be remembered for years to come is something I find great joy in.


Creative Wedding Photographer

I love both photojournalism and fine art photography and combine the two within my work. I love the contrast between raw spontaneous moments set against beautiful composed portraits, but portraits that have feeling and a connection between the couple. I spend most of the day documenting quietly and sensitively (until we are on the dance floor then I throw myself into the thick of the action) but when it comes to crafting beautiful fine art portraits I give gentle guidance with where and how to stand but keep in mind the personality of the couple so I don’t loose character with a forced pose. My editing style is clean, classic and will never date. I don’t use filters or pre-sets and every image is individually edited making each photograph timeless. I am passionate about what I do and love getting to know the couples I photograph.

Having tangible prints is so important in a time where screens rule the world, so to help you get your memories off the screen and into your hands I include an album or set of prints in all of my packages.

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  • Featured in Vogue magazine

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where are you based?
I currently spend my time living and working between London and Amsterdam depending on where a project is.

Q) What locations do you cover?
I will travel anywhere!

Q) Do you provide all the images in High resolution?
Yes, you will receive a USB card with full resolution copies of all the best photos from your wedding day. Each image is perfected to bring it to its full potential.

Q) Are all the photos retouched?
I make sure all the images are colour corrected and balanced to bring them to their full potential. If there is a specific spot or blemish you would like removed, please let me know and am more than happy to take care of it. Extensive retouching is available at an additional hourly cost.

Q) Can we receive the RAW files?
I keep all the RAW files as digital negatives and deliver you the retouched images so that you see only the best from your day.

Q) What is the best way of discussing our wedding plans with you?
Let’s start with the contact form on my website to tell me a bit about you and your perfect day. I’ll then be able to provide you with a quote via email. If you’d like to discuss things further over the phone or in person over a cup of tea that’s great! If there is a fair bit of distance between us, then Skype chats are a great option to connect as well.

Q) Do you take formal photographs?
Yes of course! It’s very important to capture the formal groups as it has evolved from a long standing tradition! Standing in line may not sound like fun to you or your guests, but I work efficiently and quickly so no photo takes more than five minutes. I usually suggest a limited number (up to 8) to be taken, so we don’t keep you and your guests lingering too long.

Q) When do you take portraits of the couple alone?
The perfect opportunity for this is between the ceremony and the reception, or during the magic hour before sunset for the perfect light. When thinking about your wedding day schedule it’s good to allocate around 45 minutes for a portrait session and around 10 minutes in the evening for golden hour photos.

Q) How many photographs will we receive?
After taking out possible duplicates, missed expressions and any blinkers, you will receive a minimum of 500 images.

Q) Can we print our images?
Yes, and you should! This is so important in a world where most of our treasured images live on a screen. Nothing beats a printed tangible product! You are more than welcome to use your own printing company, or you can order directly from the online gallery.

Q) Are there extra costs for your travel expenses to our wedding?
There are no extra charges for travel to weddings within 100 miles of London or Amsterdam. Anything outside this radius costs a bit more for the travel which can be discussed at the time. There may be additional costs for flights, transfers and accommodation on destination weddings yet I always aim to keep these costs low by booking well in advance.

Q) When will we be able to view our pictures?
I’ll send you a link and access information to your private gallery within 4 weeks of your wedding date. Once you have selected your favourites from the gallery I will order your photo box of beautiful fine art prints and send this along with your USB card containing all of the high resolution images.

Q) How long will it take to receive our album?
Once we have signed off on the design and images included within your album, it usually takes around 6-8 weeks for printing, binding and delivery.

Q) Do you offer half day packages?
I’m only offering full coverage packages because I am so passionate about capturing your entire wedding day that I feel I would be missing crucial chapters to your story if I was to only cover it partially.

Q) Are you insured?
Yes. I am fully covered for public liability and have comprehensive equipment and travel insurance.

Q) Do we need to supply you a meal on our wedding day?
Yes please! Wedding days are long and sometimes there is no time for my assistant (if I have one) and I to source our own meal.

Q) What happens if you fall ill on the day?
Touch wood this won’t happen! but… if a very very serious illness struck me down or any other exceptionally serious circumstance prevented me from attending your wedding, I would contact my great group of equally talented and priced photographer friends as a replacement for you.

Q) We would really love to book you! What’s the next step?
To make sure your date is secure and in my calendar, I’ll have you sign a contract and pay a non refundable booking fee of £400. As soon as I have received those two things, you’re considered booked and the date will be reserved for you :)

Q) What cameras and lenses do you use?
I use two Nikon D800’s, which I LOVE! I have a set of top quality lenses by Nikon, which give me the flexibility to shoot in all environments, including very low light situations.

Q) I would love to learn more about wedding photography, do you offer internships or portfolio reviews?
Unfortunately, I don’t offer internships as I am traveling too much. However, I do offer 1-to-1 mentoring and portfolio reviews so please contact me for more information and pricing!