2016 – Celebrating a Year of Wonderful Weddings

        Celebrating a Year of Wonderful Weddings

        There’s something of a tradition among wedding photographers to share their “best of” blog post at the end of a year. I’ll admit to being a little late with mine, but it’s such a joy to revisit all my lovely weddings, to remember all those love and laughter filled days and be reminded of those precious little moments that I decided to hold it back until I had time to sit back and really enjoy looking through the photos and reflecting on the year.

        There was no sigh of relief from me when the 2016 wedding season came to a close. It’s been an amazing year that has seen me photographing weddings in Wiltshire, London, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Dorest, the New Forest, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent. There have been weddings in Dordrecht and Amstelveen in Holland, Germany and even a couple in France, I just had to take a mini holiday around those to explore a little!

        2016 has brought me couples that have been so relaxed and full of fun. It’s seen me exploring new villages and driving around tiny country lanes, photographing couples in fields, on the steps of St Pauls and amongst the wonky houses of my second home, Amsterdam. I’ve photographed tears of laughter and tears of joy and I’ve had my toes squashed on countless dancefloors. I’ve presented couples with beautiful albums and photoboxes and I have loved every single moment.

        2016 I did not want you to end…..


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        really fantastic set Louise, your work is so classy and elegant! All the best in 2017!